3 Inch Bay Window Cushion 50-62 Inch
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Now you can choose your Bay Window Cushion fill selection for your desired comfort. We have Standard Cumulus fiber (Indoor/Outdoor cushion) Standard Foam (for Indoor only) For a softer seating cushion you can choose from Premium Cumulus or Foam wrapped with batting or for luxurious looking cushions choose Luxury (Memory foam).


Disclaimer: Any cushion over 60" inches will be folded.

Our Fabric Stripe Orientation for cushions are horizontal and vertical. 

If you need your cushions with another type fabric, two fabrics, tufting, rounded corners, custom shape, or any other option not listed below please contact us at sales@outdoorlivingyourway.com
Or call us 910-462-2455. Ask for Lisa

We will be glad to take your order! Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

To learn more about our cushion options, and how to measure your cushion please watch the videos below

(Bay Window Cushions are measured the same way as a bench cushion). We have other videos on our video blog click on "How To Measure Cushions" on our main menu and look for the video that best fits your need. Need thicker and larger Bay Window Cushions ? Contact us for today for a free quote.

  • Item #: 3 Inch Bay Window 50-62 Inch
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3 Inch Bay Window Cushion 50-62 Inch

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