7.5 ft. Wood Beach Umbrella With Fiberglass Ribs (With Button)

This 7.5 ft. Wood Beach Umbrella With Fiberglass Ribs With Button is great for any outdoor occasion or outdoor living area whether you're a restaurant, hotel, resort, home owners association, business, company or for your home. The 7 1/2 ft. Wood Beach Umbrella – Fiberglass Ribs, features button for residential use and pole detaches easily. This item features 8 mm fiberglass ribs on an all hardwood center pole measuring 1 1/2″ in diameter.  Stay safe and in the shade with this umbrella on those hot days.

Customize with the Sattler Marine/Awning fabric choices that are UV protective and provide great shade and are stain and mildew resistant..

844WBNB Specifications:

  • Size:                     7 1/2
  • Ribs:                     8 mm fiberglass ribs
  • Shape:                  Octagon
  • Frame:                  Wooden center pole, pointed bottom pole
  • Pole Diameter:     1 1/2'
  • Lift:                        Pop-up
  • Button:                  Yes
  • Weight:                 18 lbs.
  • Height:                  92"
  • Head Clearance:  68" 
  • Sattler Marine/Awning                                           (5 Year Manufacturer Warranty)

For information regarding warranty and care or cleaning of the umbrella fabrics please visit the following link: 

Sattler Marine/Awning Manufacturer Warranty/ Cleaning/Care Information

7.5 ft. Wood Beach Umbrella With Fiberglass Ribs (With Button)

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