3 Inch Steamer Lounge Cushion
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3 Inch Steamer Lounge Cushion

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Now you can choose your steamer lounge cushions fill selection for your desired comfort. We have Standard Cumulus fiber (Indoor/Outdoor cushion)Standard Foam (for indoor only). For a softer seated cushion you can choose from the Premium Cumulus or Foam Wrapped With Batting

(Luxury) Memory Foam is not available for 2 inch cushions.

Cumulus Fiber This fill is a layered fiber. It is designed to resist mildew and does not hold water. Cumulus fiber can be used indoor or outdoors. 

Premium Cumulus Fiber or Foam Wrapped With Batting This fill is our cumulus fiber or foam. It is wrapped top and bottom with batting. It looks like a gentle rise in the cushion when placed on the furniture. Recommended for indoor or outdoor use. We do not recommend buttons with this type of fill. 

Luxury (Memory Foam) This fill has four layers: foam, memory gel foam, and batting on the top and bottom. All are enclosed within a water resistant shell. The crowning effect causes a gentle rise when placed on furniture. This filling does well in all kinds of weather and will retain its shape over time

If you need your cushions with another type fabric, 
two fabrics, tufting, rounded corners, custom shape, 
or any other option not listed below please contact us at 
sales@outdoorlivingyourway.com or call us 910-462-2455. Ask for Lisa

We will be glad to take your order! Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. We have added video explaining our cushion options, just click on "How To Measure Cushions" on our main menu and look for the video Custom Cushion Options.

To make sure your measurements are correct add the length of the Steamer Back Height + Steamer Seat Length + Steamer Foot Rest Length and they should be equal to your total length of your steamer cushion. If you have a steamer cushion with a different size than is listed here, please call or email us for a quote.

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