7.5 ft. Wood Beach Umbrella With Fiberglass Ribs (With Button)
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7.5 ft. Wood Beach Umbrella With Fiberglass Ribs

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This 7.5 ft. Wood Beach Umbrella With Fiberglass Ribs With Button is great for any outdoor occasion or outdoor living area whether you're a restaurant, hotel, resort, home owners association, business, company or for your home. The 7 1/2 ft. Wood Beach Umbrella – Fiberglass Ribs, features button for residential use and pole detaches easily. This item features 8 mm fiberglass ribs on an all hardwood center pole measuring 1 1/2″ in diameter.  Stay safe and in the shade with this umbrella on those hot days.

Customize with the Sattler Marine/Awning fabric choices that are UV protective and provide great shade and are stain and mildew resistant..

844WBNB Specifications:

  • Size:                     7 1/2
  • Ribs:                     8 mm fiberglass ribs
  • Shape:                  Octagon
  • Frame:                  Wooden center pole, pointed bottom pole
  • Pole Diameter:     1 1/2'
  • Lift:                        Pop-up
  • Button:                  Yes
  • Weight:                 18 lbs.
  • Height:                  92"
  • Head Clearance:  68" 
  • Sattler Marine/Awning                                           (5 Year Manufacturer Warranty)

For information regarding warranty and care or cleaning of the umbrella fabrics please visit the following link: 

Sattler Marine/Awning Manufacturer Warranty/ Cleaning/Care Information


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